Sustainable Living by Recognizing the Oneness Between the Physical and Spiritual Domains

The Essene Healing Ministries of the Sevenfold Peace is dedicated to expanding the consciousness of humankind by supporting the healing of humankind. We pursue this goal in part by living a lifestyle inspired by the ancient Essenes. The Essene communities of 2,000 years ago held the living of life to be a spiritual expression, and considered themselves to be "Preparers of the Way" in nurturing the growth of human consciousness.
Of profound importance within the teachings of the ancient Essenes is their recognition of the spiritual nature of the physical universe. The Essenes consider Mother God, or the feminine aspect of Divinity, to be the essence of the spiritual quality of the physical domain. This teaching leads us to find ways of relating to our our bodies, our minds and our environment that acknowledge the loving and nurturing foundations of the physical (the domain of Mother God). The Essenes believe it is through our relationship with the physical (Mother God) that we come to access and effectively use our relationship with the spiritual (Father God).
The Essene Healing Ministries sponsors a wide range of activities dedicated to furthering spiritual growth and healing, using Essene teachings of Mother God, Father God and their energetic essences (also called the Angels of Mother and Father God).
ome of the programs offered by ministers include: Reiki, counseling, conflict mediation, support groups, workshops, meditation classes, wedding and memorial ceremonies, The Essene Experience-a spiritual retreat, peace pilgrimages, and a ministerial training program leading to ordination. For more information on any of these services go to the Minister's page.


It is the mission of these ministries to strive for a higher state of consciousness for ourselves, our communities and humankind.  We also dedicate ourselves to supporting humankind in reclaiming the power to heal, which contributes to that elevation of consciousness.
The mission of these non-denominational ministries is to be accomplished via teaching, education, practice and support of holistic healing arts within the greater community and whenever possible, to be of service to that community.  We operate from a base of integrity, honesty and a willingness to resolve conflict and recognize the Divinity of All.
We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of this mission in harmony with all of humankind, regardless of race, color, national origin, creed or any other discriminatory values. 

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