As Essene Healing Ministers we serve our respective communities in a variety of ways and are located in a number of U.S. states and overseas. A read through of our brief biographies will reveal the diversity of who we are and what we offer.
If you're interested in learning more about the Essenes, are seeking healing support, wanting to explore spiritual community, or need an officant for ceremonies, feel free to get in touch with one of us. We also welcome contact from members of other Essene communities.

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Jan deVille




MaSanda LaRa Gadd

Ned Wolf

Rev. Jan deVille. I began my studies with the Essene Healing Ministries of the Sevenfold Peace in April of 1993. Since being ordained, on July 27, 1996 I have been practicing my ministry, offering Reiki, counseling, and officiating wedding ceremonies, and teaching Essene study classes in the Boulder, Colorado area. I have a passion for nature and all living things. When being introduced to the Essene teachings there was a resonance that touched my whole being and I recognized that it was my path. I experienced a deeper connection to the God within and a more conscious awareness in my life. My intention in my ministry is to be of service, seeing the Divinity in all, supporting each individual in expressing their own uniqueness and living fully in each moment.

For more information please visit my website, call me in Boulder, Colorado (303) 440-8686, or send an email to

Rev. MaSanda LaRa Gadd, I am a Life Coach, Professional Organizer and Reiki Master. My practice includes leading spiritual retreats, support groups and officiating weddings. I support people in clearing a path to their Mind, Body and Spirit.
 I coach people who are overwhelmed by all the clutter in their life and how it affects their life whether it be a room in their house, their family, their finances, their health or their relationships to name a few examples. I provide coaching sessions to help my clients set goals and stay committed to creating a life they love.

I also officiate weddings and create unique wedding vows for each couples special day. You can reach me at 206-276-4176 or

To learn more about how I can support you, visit:, I am also on Facebook. My practice is based in the Seattle area.
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Rev. Ned Wolf. I practice as a counsellor, natural healer, Reiki Master, conflict mediator and rebirther. I use herbs, radionics and hands-on remedies in my natural healing practice. I take great joy in leading spiritual support groups and Dreamtime Meditation Groups. I facilitate a ministerial training program for students seeking ordination as ministers of healing.

I have authored two books: Awaken Your Power to Heal, available through; and a book of poetry called Sailing On A Banshee Wind, available from me directly. During 2016 the first of a trilogy of visionary fiction was published, called Nandia's Copper. To learn more about my books go to:

I reside in Flagstaff, Arizona, can be contacted by phone at 928 527 6902, and by email at

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