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Welcome to the Essene Healing Ministries of the Sevenfold Peace, a non-denominational spiritual ministries, dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness.TeachPeace_Button
We seek to advance the growth of consciousness by supporting humankind in reclaiming its power to heal. We use a wide range of tools to support this growth including meditation, healing exercises, and communing with nature. While serving our many communities, we operate from a base of integrity, a willingness to peacefully resolve conflict, and a recognition of the Divinity in all. Much of our inspiration comes from the teachings of the ancient Essenes, writers of the Dead Seas scrolls.
You're invited to explore this website to learn more about the Essenes and their spiritual technologies. We seek to support sustainable living on the planet, and take inspiration from the spiritual commuity lifestyle of the Essenes. While you're here let us introduce to you to our individual ministries, and present the classes and healing services offered. May the Grace of God guide you.

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