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The Essenes living at the time of Christ were renowned healers. From the communions taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls we read:

    We praise the healers of the Earth,
    They who know the secrets of the herbs and plants
    To the healers has the Angel of Earth
    Revealed her ancient knowledge.
    The Lord has created medicines out of the Earth
    And he that is wise shall use them.
    Was not the water made sweet with wood,
    That the virtue thereof might be known?
    And to certain of the brothers and sisters He has given skill
    That the Law might be honored and fulfilled.
    With such do they heal humankind,
    And take away their pains,
    And of their works there is no end;
    And from them is peace over all the Earth.
    Then give place to the healers, and honor them,
    For the Heavenly Father has created them:
    Let them not go from thee, for thou has need of them.
    --from the Angel of Earth communion.


Within the Essene Healing Ministries we seek to transform humankind's relationship with pain and dis-ease - from an adversarial relationship to a collaborative relationship.
We hold that conflict, pain and dis-ease are merely messengers, telling us of a distortion in our perspectives. We seek to support people in relating to dis-ease in ways that nurture getting the message, so that healing is experienced.
We believe that restoring our minds, emotions, bodies and spirits to a state of balance (aka healing) is an innate, natural process. We do not experience this state of balance whenever we use our creative power to focus on limitations and distortions. In large part, the process of healing is learning to release our attachments to our self-imposed limitations. Essene Healing ministers use Reiki, herbs, vibrational remedies, breathwork, and inner wisdom processes to support each of us discovering our innate power to heal.

    Wisdom has been created before all things.
    One may heal with goodness,
    One may heal with justice,
    One may heal with herbs,
    One may heal with the Wise Word,
    Amongst all the remedies,
    This one is the healing one
    That heals with the Wise Word.
    This one it is that will best drive away sickness
    From the bodies of the faithful,
    For Wisdom is the best healing of all remedies.
    To follow the holy Law is the crown of Wisdom,
    Making peace and perfect health to flourish,
    Both which are the gifts of the Angels.
    --from the Angel of Wisdom communion

We invite you to explore our Healing Tools and examine the results for yourself. Thank you for your commitment to healing!

Healing Tools

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