The Heavenly Father and
The Essene Tree of Life

The Essenes illustrated their relationship with the spiritual and natural forces with the symbol called the Tree of Life. Each root and branch of the Tree represents a different force or power. The roots represent earthly forces or powers - the Earthly Mother, and the Angels of Sun, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and Joy. The seven branches represent the cosmic powers - the Heavenly Father, and His Angels of Power, Love, Wisdom, Eternal Life, Creative Work, and Peace. These are the Essene Angels of the visible and invisible worlds.
The seven communions of the Earthly Mother refer to our relationship with the physical domain. One of their major benefits is the gradual strengthening and revitalizing of every organ of the body through the conscious direction of the earthly forces.
The seven communions of the Heavenly Father are dedicated to the spiritual powers that govern humankind’s higher evolution. A major benefit is the revitalizing of the mind and all the superior forces within the individual.
Contact with the angelic forces is the essence of the daily life of those who practice the Essene way.

To read about and experience communion with each of the Angels of The Heavenly Father follow the links below. There you will find:

  • Short invocations from the Teachings of the Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely.
  • An explanation of the communions based on material in the same book.
  • Deepening exercises with suggestions for meditating.
  • Ideas for experiencing more communion on the physical level in a section called Angel Dates
  • A longer Communion from The Gospel of the Essenes (also by Dr. Szekely).
Angel of Creative Work
Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all men.

Angel of Peace
Angel of Peace, descend upon me and give Eternal Life to my spirit.

The Heavenly Father
The Heavenly Father and I are one.

Angel of Power
Angel of Power, descend upon my Acting Body and direct all my acts.

Angel of Love
Angel of Love, descend upon my Feeling Body and purify all my feelings.

Angel of Wisdom
Angel of Wisdom, descend upon my Thinking Body and enlighten all my thoughts.

Angel of Eternal Life
Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon me and give Eternal Life to my spirit.

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