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Essene Studies Class


Check back later when we may conduct another seven-week phone-conference class that explores the Essenes' relationship with the conscious energies, or Angels of Mother and Father God. In addition, we will learn about how to use the Essene path called the Sevenfold Peace. This is a beautiful spiritual path deepening the unique connections we each share with nature and the spiritual realms.

QUESTIONS? For more information, please feel free to contact the facilitator, Rev. Ned Wolf.

About the Facilitator: Reverend Ned Wolf

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I practice as a counsellor, natural healer, Reiki Master, conflict mediator and rebirther. I use herbs, radionics and hands-on remedies in my natural healing practice. I take great joy in leading spiritual support groups and Dreamtime Meditation Groups. I facilitate a ministerial training program for students seeking ordination as ministers of healing. I have authored two books: Awaken Your Power to Heal, available through; and a book of poetry called Sailing On A Banshee Wind, available from me directly. During 2016 the first of a trilogy of visionary fiction is being published, called Nandia's Copper. I reside in Flagstaff, Arizona, can be contacted by phone at 928 527 6902, and by email at