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Teach More ...for Peace is a world-wide program to expand human consciousness toward peace. The following list of peace-promoting ideas is a start. We encourage you to submit your own ideas to Teach More ... for Peace. Immediately following the list are additional ways to participate.

Sixteen Ideas to Get Started

  1. Teach more children the profound power of their individual choices, especially the choices made about what they consciously focus on and what they think. 
  2. Teach more teachers to teach children to mediate conflicts.  Teach more collaboration, win/win resolutions.
  3. Teach more teens that each of us is infinitely creative and solely responsible for our own well-being.
  4. Teach more adults to volunteer with local peace programs. Where there are none, create them.
  5. Teach more men and women that hiding our fears only makes them more difficult to learn from and heal.
  6. Teach more artists and musicians to produce exhibitions and concerts in support of peace.
  7. Teach more television producers to create programming in support of non-violence and constructive conflict resolution.
  8. Teach more news editors that victimhood is only a role that some of us choose from time to time. Ultimately we move through this lesson and come to trust that each of us are innately of good intent and  ultimately responsible for our own well-being. Destructive-appearing events are creations we have put in place to restore a flow to energy that has stalled through our choices to blame and play victim. 
  9. Teach more military commanders about the power of group meditations on peaceful solutions to armed conflict.
  10. Teach more police to lead choirs of officers to sing together, especially when encountering crowds bent on destructive outcomes.
  11. Teach more politicians to respect each individual's innate drive to constructively contribute to the growth of the species.
  12. Teach more the differences between the feelings of triumph through winning and the feelings of happiness arising from the expression of our unique talents and purposes.
  13. Teach more of the bereaved that grief and disappointment are hurts we can heal. By accepting and breathing into our pain we can be free of it and come to trust in our power to heal.  Feelings of loss are meant to be messengers, not conditions to be endured for a lifetime.
  14. Teach more of the afflicted that pain always has the underlying cause either a loss of self-respect or self-expression. Teach them that only the choice to blame or wallow in pity has the power to block healing.
  15. Teach more of those feeling the hurts of despair and helplessness that every dream has many possibilities for a constructive outcome.
  16. Teach more children that each of us came to this life with a unique vision for making this world a better place.
  17. (Your ideas could be added to this list. Send them to nedjwolf@bigpond.net.au.)

More Ways to Teach More... for Peace

Submit ideas that effectively promote peace. Submission will be added to the TEACH MORE...FOR PEACE list below, with the author's names ascribed. Please submit your additions to this list to: nedjwolf@centurylink.net

Conduct a spontaneous reading from TEACH MORE...FOR PEACE list below (we call these readings flash soapboxes). You can hold flash soapboxes just about anywhere, from party gatherings to local cafes to national legislative meetings. We invite photos and videos of flash soapboxes to be submitted for inclusion on this website.


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