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Your word is important and powerful. What message do you more often send to the universe: that my word doesn't matter? or that I believe in the power of my word? Here are some tools that might support you in keeping your word.

  1. Get clear. Write out your commitments, your promises that you make to yourself and others. How and when is this thing going to happen? How will you include it in your everyday choices, actions, and conversations. How will it affect your work, family, friends, your body, your intellect?
  2. Share your commitment with someone who is willing to see you as Divine, someone who sees you as capable of keeping your word.
  3. Write out your agreements and commitments and post them where you will read them every day or record it on tape and listen to it often.
  4. Clean up any broken agreements and commitments. Be honest whenever you fall short in keeping your word. Refuse to blame anyone, yet take full ownership of your broken agreements. Give up the need to punish yourself, and learn to use your broken agreements to support you in keeping your word in the future. If amends need to be made to any injured parties, do so quickly and lovingly.

These are a few tools that may help you in making and keeping your intentions. Your commitment is the primary tool for changing the habits of a lifetime. Your sense of value about your word is what will carry you through the difficult times. Remember, you are always bigger than your excuses.

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