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Healing Tools

This is a powerful tool for accessing feelings in the physical body and accepting the gifts they offer us. From "Awaken Your Power to Heal" by Rev. Ned Wolf.

  1. Locate the pain.
  2. Begin breathing deeply, connecting your breaths, throughout the exercise.
  3. Tell your mind to go to the beach! This is feeling time, not problem-solving, analyzing or fixing-it time.
  4. Get sensual. Let your body experience the pain in it's specific location.
  5. How does the sensation feel, warm or cool? What's its texture, rough or sharp? How heavy does it feel? Keep breathing.
  6. Give yourself permission to feel this pain. Let your body feel it. Allow the pain to be there, just as it is.
    Give up any need to oppose it. (Remind your mind about the beach.)
  7. Move your awareness inside the feeling. Does it feel more like liquid, more dense, or more open? Gently feel through the interior of the pain. (Don't force your way through!) Notice if there's any temperature on the inside, as well. Remain sensual. Keep breathing.
  8. Notice that you can feel more dimensions of the sensation than you could at first.
  9. After you've felt all the way through the pain, are you willing to love yourself while you feel it? Then if you are, are you willing to let it love you? (You don't know how it's going to love you, of course. The question is, are you willing to let in whatever love it may hold?)
  10. If you're unwilling, end the exercise. (Don't worry, the pain will be back!)
  11. If you are willing, tell the pain so, mentally. Then open your body and your cells to being loved. Let in the feeling! Keep breathing.
  12. After feeling this love, ask if it has a message for you. The message may be another sensation, a memory, a picture, an idea. Your body may simply have wanted you to focus on that spot for a while. How do you know if you got the message? The pain clears up! The healing is in the feeling.
  13. If the pain doesn' clear up (for example, if it still has weight), explore the feeling once more. Is there any spot on the surface against which you're willing, fighting, trying to contain or control? (For example, sometimes we're trying subconciously push the pain out, rather than accept it.) If so, relax that effort. Other times we may hold onto pain, believing that it's protecting us from a deeper discomfort (e.g., loss). If so, ask the pain to be your ally in healing that deeper discomfort. Let yourself continue feeling the sensation of the pain, without resistance, judgement, or expectation.
  14. Stay with this sensual experience all the way from the beginning, through the middle, past the end. Listen. Keep breathing. Give thanks.

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