The Angel of Wisdom

    “Angel of Wisdom, descend upon my Thinking Body and enlighten all my thoughts.”

Thought was held by the Essenes to be both a cosmic and cerebral function. They considered that there is a cosmic ocean of thought pervading all space, which is the highest and most powerful of all cosmic energies. By tuning in to this cosmic ocean of knowledge, and through communion with the Angel of Wisdom, humankind develops the ability to deepen intuitive knowledge and wisdom.


In the Essene view there are three pathways to wisdom; culture, nature, and intuition.

What wisdom of an ancient cultures are you familiar with? What two would you like to explore?

Journal about three things you have learned from nature.

Practice becoming more conscious of your intuition.

Ask a question of the Angel of Wisdom. Record the answer.

Angel Date

Go to a great library (like a university) and explore sections you have never looked into.

Go to a lecture by some teacher that you would not ordinarily go to.

Express your own wisdom in some way: draw a picture, write a poem, song, story.

Read a work on the wisdom of nature like Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

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The Angel of Wisdom

    To follow the Lord
    Is the beginning of Wisdom:
    And the knowledge
    Of the Holy One
    Is understanding.
    For by him
    Thy day shall be multiplied,
    And the years of thy life
    Shall be increased.

All Wisdom cometh from the Heavenly Father,
And is with him forever.
Through the holy Law doth the Angel of Wisdom
Guide the Children of Light.
Who can number the sand of the sea,
And the drops of rain, and the days of eternity?
Who can find out the height of heaven,
And the breath of the earth,
And the deep, and wisdom?
Wisdom hath been created before all things.
One may heal with goodness,
One may heal with justice,
One may heal with herbs,
One may heal with the Wise Word.
Amongst all the remedies,
This one is the Healing one
That heals with the Wise Word.
This one it is that will best drive away sickness
From the bodies of the faithful,
For Wisdom is the beast healing of all remedies.
To follow the holy Law is the crown of Wisdom.
Making peace and perfect health to flourish,
Both which are the gifts of the Angels.
We would draw near unto thee, O Heavenly Father!
With the help of thy Angel of Wisdom,
Who guides us by means of thy Heavenly Order,
And with the actions and the words
Inspired by thy holy Wisdom!
Come to us, Heavenly Father, with thy creative mind,
And do thou, who bestoweth gifts
Through thy Heavenly Order,
Bestow alike the long-lasting gift of Wisdom
Upon the Children of Light,
That this life might be spent in holy service
In the Garden of the Brotherhood.
In the realm of thy good mind,
Incarnate in our minds,
The path of Wisdom doth flow
From the Heavenly Order,
Wherein doth dwell the sacred Tree of Life.
In what fashion is manifest thy Law,
O Heavenly Father!
The Heavenly Father makes answer:
By good thought
In perfect unity with Wisdom,
O Child of Light!
What is the word well spoken?
It is the blessing-bestowing word of Wisdom.
What is the thought well thought?
It is that which the Child of Light thinketh,
The one who holdeth the Holy Thought
To be the most of value of all things else.
So shall the Chile of Light grow
In concentration and communion,
That he may develop Wisdom,
And thus shall he continue
Until the mysteries of the Infinite Garden
Where standeth the Tree of Life
Shall be revealed to him.
Then shall he say these victorious words:
O Heavenly Father!
Give unto me my task
For the building of thy Kingdom on earth,
Through good thoughts, good words, good deeds,
Which shall be for the Child of Light
His most precious gift.
O thou Heavenly Order!
And thou Universal Mind!
I will worship thee and the Heavenly Father,
Because of whom the creative mind within us
Is causing the Imperishable Kingdom to progress!
Holy Wisdom maketh all men free from fear,
Wide of heart, and easy of conscience.
Holy Wisdom, the understanding that unfolds forever,
Continually, without end,
And is not acquired through the holy scrolls.
It is ignorance that ruineth most people,
Both amongst those who have died,
And those who shall die.
When ignorance will be replaced by Holy Wisdom,
Then will sweetness and fatness come back again
To our land and to our fields,
With health and healing,
With fulness, and increase, and growth,
And abundance of corn and of grass,
And rivers of peace shall flow through the desert.

From The Gospel of the Essenes by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Reproduced here with the permission of his family. For a complete catalogue of Dr. Szekely's books write to:
I.B.S. International
P.O. Box 849
Nelson, B.C., Canada, V1L 6A5

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