The Angel of Creative Work

    “Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all.”

This communion was dedicated to all the great things that have been created by human endeavor - the great masterpieces of literature, art, science, engineering, philosophy and healing. The purpose of the communion was to teach the importance of creative work in the evolution of the individual's potential. In the Essene communities everyone carried on creative work of some kind, whether in the improvement of himself, the community, or humankind. They considered creative work the most abundant expression of love. They honored all work as a blessing and placed high value on doing all they did with love.


Meditate on a creative work that has meaning for you; a poem, a bridge, a letter.

Meditate on work that gives you joy; raising children, earning your living, gardening, writing, painting.

Bless the ‘ordinary’ work that you do.

List talents you do not express. Find ways to express them.

Angel Date

Visit a creative work that inspires you; an art museum, a church, a garden, a play or an opera.

Get involved with children, spend time just enjoying that creative work.

Spend time with the creative work of healing. Be in nature as a healing exercise.

Spend time with a creative work that you never or rarely let yourself do; paint, write a poem, learn a dance.

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The Angel of Creative Work

    Who hath measured the waters
    In the hollow of his hand,
    And meted out heaven with a span,
    And comprehended the dust of the earth
    In a measure,
    And weighed the mountains in scales,
    And the hills in a balance?

The sun ariseth, and the Brothers gather together,
They go forth unto their work in the fields;
With strong backs and cheerful hearts they go forth
To labor together in the Garden of the Brotherhood.
They are the Workers of Good,
Because they work the good of the Heavenly Father.
They are the spirit, conscience and soul of those
Who teach the Law and who struggle for the Law.
With the right arm and the left, they till the soil,
And the desert bursts forth in colors of green and gold.
With the right arm and the left, they lay the stones
Which shall build on earth the Kingdom of Heaven.
They are the messengers of the Angel of Work:
In them is revealed the holy Law.
O Heavenly father! How manifold are thy works?
In wisdom hast thou made them all;
The earth is full of thy riches.
Thou sendest the springs into the valleys,
Which run among the hills.
Thou givest drink to every beast of the field,
And causeth the grass to grow for the cattle.
Thou settest the mighty trees in their places,
That the birds of heaven may have their habitation,
And sing sweetly among the branches.
Thou givest herbs for the service of man,
That he may bring forth food out of the earth.
In the hands of the Brothers all thy gifts bear fruit,
For they are building on earth the Kingdom of Heaven.
Thou openest thine hand, they are filled with good.
Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created,
And together with thy holy Angels,
They shall renew the face of the earth.
O thou Heavenly Father!
Thou who art one alone!
Reveal unto the Children of Light:
Which is the foremost place
Wherein the earth feeleth the greatest joy?
The Heavenly Father answering, said:
It is the place whereupon one of the Brothers
Who follow the holy Law, steppeth forth:
With his good thoughts, good words and good deeds!
Whose back is strong in service,
Whose hands are not idle,
Who lifteth up his voice in full accord with the Law.
That place is holy whereon one of the Brothers
Soweth the most of corn, of grass, of fruit:
Where he watereth that ground which is dry,
Or draineth the too wet soil.
For the earth hath been given unto the keeping
Of the Children of Light,
That they treasure and care for it,
And bring from its depths only that
Which is for the nourishment of the body.
Blessed are the Children of Light
Whose joy is in the work of the Law,
Who labor in the Garden of the Brotherhood by day,
And join the Angels of the Heavenly Father by night.
From their lips is the story told,
Which doth serve as a teaching for the sons of men:
It is said that the trees went forth on a time
To anoint a king over them;
And they said unto the olive tree,
"Reign thou over us."
But the olive tree said unto them,
"Should I leave my fatness,
Wherewith by me they honor God and man,
And go to be promoted over the trees?"
And the trees said to the fig tree,
"Come thou, and reign over us."
But the fig tree said unto them,
"Should I forsake my sweetness, and my good fruit,
And go to be promoted over the trees?"
Then said the trees unto the vine,
"Come thou, and reign over us."
And the vine said unto them,
"Should I leave my wine,
Which cheereth God and man,
And go to be promoted over the trees?"
The man of the Law who fulfills his tasks
Does not need further blessings.

From The Gospel of the Essenes by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Reproduced here with the permission of his family. For a complete catalogue of Dr. Szekely's books write to:
I.B.S. International
P.O. Box 849
Nelson, B.C., Canada, V1L 6A5

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