The Angel of Air

    “Angel of Air, enter my lungs and give the air of Life to my whole body.”

This communion was to make man conscious of the dynamic unity between air and life. Respiration is the link between the organism and the cosmos. Where there is life there is breath, the cessation of one meaning the cessation of the other. Thus the atmosphere and the air within the body have a stupendous role in health and vitality. This communion was accompanied by deep rhythmic breathing exercises enabling the Essenes to absorb specific energies from the atmosphere and establish a correlation of the self and the universe. The Essenes considered this Angel to be a messenger between the different energies of the universe.


Meditate on qualities of air: buoyancy, movement, energy, sounds, or words.

Sing or chant your meditation.

Meditate and list five specific ways that air inspires your life (list specific exercises, music, sounds, scents, etc).

Angel Date

Do 10 minutes of deep breathing out of doors. Let the air purify your mind and body.

Watch the clouds at sunset.

Do something to feel the wind in your face – run, ski, sail, roller blade, etc.

Play or listen to music

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The Angel of Air

    We worship the Holy Breath
    Which is placed higher than
    All the other things created;
    And we worship
    The most true Wisdom.

In the midst of the fresh air of the forest and fields,
There shalt thou find the Angel of Air.
Patiently she waits for thee
To quit the dank and crowded holes of the city.
Seek her, then and quaff deeply
Of the healing draught which she doth offer thee.
Breathe long and deeply,
That the Angel of Air may be brought within you.
For the rhythm of thy breath is the key of knowledge
Which doth reveal the Holy Law.
The Angel of Air
Doth soar on invisible wings:
Yet thou must walk her unseen path
If thou wouldst see the face of God.
Sweeter than the finest nectar
Of honeyed pomegranate
Is the fragrance of the wind
In the grove of cypress.
Sweeter still the scent of the godly,
Who do revere and teach the Holy Law.
Holy is the Angel of Air,
Who doth cleanse all that is unclean
And giveth to all evil-smelling things a sweet odor.
Come on, come on, O clouds!
From above down on to the earth,
By thousands of drops,
Through their brightness and glory the winds blow,
Driving down the clouds
Toward the never-failing springs.
Vapors rise up from the vales of the mountains,
Pursued by the wind along the trail of the Law
Which increaseth the kingdom of Light.
The Heavenly Father hath made the earth by his power,
He hath established the world by his wisdom,
And hath stretched out the heavens by his will.
When he uttereth his voice,
There is a multitude of waters in the heavens,
And he causeth the vapors to ascend
From the ends of the earth;
He maketh lightnings with rain,
And bringeth forth the wind out of his breath.
As the sea is the gathering place of the waters,
Rising up and going down,
Up the aerial way and down on to the earth,
And up again the aerial way:
Thus rise up and roll along!
Thou for whose rising and growing
The Heavenly Father
Hath made the eternal and sovereign luminous Space.
No man may come before the Face of God
Whom the Angel of Air letteth not pass.
Thy body must breathe the air of the Earthly Mother,
As thy spirit must breathe the Holy Law
Of the Heavenly Father.

From The Gospel of the Essenes by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. Reproduced here with the permission of his family. For a complete catalogue of Dr. Szekely's books write to:
I.B.S. International
P.O. Box 849
Nelson, B.C., Canada, V1L 6A5

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